“Achaara” & “Vichaara”: Conduct & Thoughts

While talking of Lifestyle with respect to maintenance of health, causation of disease or treatment of disorders we tend to generally focus upon only our diet and activities not realising that there are a few other angles to it.

Under “Rule-of-4-for-4” we mentioned 4 factors, out of which 2 have already been explored in previous blogs. The next 2 factors i.e. achaara (conduct) and vichaara (thoughts), although widely discussed, are least understood and poorly managed. Moreover, people who try working upon their conduct and thoughts usually end up with questions like…..

“Where do I start from??”

“What do I need to do???”

“How do I control/manage them????”

So here are a few points you need to ponder upon as a beginner in the journey towards handling your conduct and thoughts:

  • We are born to do karma/duties. All duties should be performed with truth and wisdom but without attachment and expectations.
  • Past is history– forget it; Future is mystery– leave it; Present is a gift– enjoy it.
  • We need not make efforts to please everyone daily. Instead start from self. Love yourself, Accept yourself, Respect yourself, Forgive yourself. By doing so for oneself, we effortlessly spread the same to others.
  • Everyone is right from his/her perspective. We are no one to judge or criticize.
  • Panchakarma therapies – seasonal or as advised.
  • Daily ask the almighty to bestow you with the ability to follow Yamas & Niyamas.

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