Anjana: Collyrium Application

Eyes form the most important sense organ and beauty spot of the body. Not only do they provide us with a sense of vision but also are a mirror of the soul and a window to our emotions. It thus becomes essential to protect eyes from any harm and constantly work towards enhancing their functions.

So, what is it that we can do in our daily routine to ensure proper functioning of eyes?

Out of the five elements, eyes are predominant of agni mahabhuta (fire) and are susceptible to be afflicted by diseases of kapha dosha which possesses qualities opposite to that of agni. Letting out of kapha is thus paramount in maintaining the health of eyes; which can be achieved through collyrium application.

Anjana / Collyrium, presently understood as only eye makeup has virtues which go much beyond beautification of eyes. Acharya Charaka has explained this using a simile. Just like oil, cloth or brush are used for cleaning of gold, silver etc; similarly anjana, aschotana etc make eyes clean and bright like the moon. 

Thus, Anjana prepared using traditional techniques, if used daily has the following benefits:

  • Pleasing to the eyes
  • Promotes the growth of eyelashes making them thick and unctuous
  • Enhances color differentiation
  • Cleanses the eyes
  • Makes eyes beautiful
  • Provides sharp vision / Improves vision
It’s a matter of few seconds that would let your eyes sparkle; lifelong!

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