Breaking the Chain of Transmission

History suggests that every 100 years a pandemic hits the world, and the present generation got to witness one in the form of COVID-19.

While doctors around the world are trying to find ways to prevent, manage and treat this COVID-19 menace, we thought, why not dig our ancient texts.

1st Question: How to stop the spread??!!!!

Communicable diseases have existed ever since our existence on this planet. A proof for this is a reference from Sushruta Samhita – Kushta Nidaanam [Su. Ni. 5 / 32 – 33] which talks about the Aupasargika Roga (Communicable / Infectious Diseases) with special focus on their mode of transmission i.e from one human to another through:

1. Prasangaat:
Physical intimacy with an infected person / carrier
2. Gaatrasamsparshaat:
Touch by body parts of an infected person / carrier
3. Nihshvasaat:
Breath (Droplet) of an infected person / carrier
4. Sahabhojanaat:
Sharing food / utensils with an infected person / carrier
5. Sahashaiyyaasanaat:
Sleeping / sharing bedding with an infected person; sitting very close to an infected person / carrier
6. Vastramalyaanulepanaat: Sharing clothes / jewellery / cosmetics with an infected person / carrier

Now, while the mutated micro-organisms are novel (such as COVID-19 in the present context); communicable diseases aren’t, and hence the basics would always remain the same.

The present guidelines have emphasized on “Social Distancing” i.e maintaining a greater than usual physical distance from other people or objects in public places to combat the spread of COVID-19. However, in addition to this, breaking the chain of transmission would require you to avoid contact with an infected person through all of the means mentioned in points 1 – 6 outside and at home along with maintaining personal hygiene, staying indoors, using protective equipment and disinfecting everything around you. This is undoubtedly the key to unlock the terror of COVID-19 and any future outbursts of infection.

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  1. Corona is a weak virus. But no medicine is available for the cure of the virus. Prevention is the only solution. Enhancing the immunity helps prevent the disease to a great extent. Yoga and Ayurveda can help in enhancing the immunity. Use meditation for mental peace. Yoga and Ayurveda have great future.
    Kind regards.

  2. Very concisely explained and ways for prevention outlined.

    I would like to know the following:
    1 . Does Amla enhance Immunity to prevent Covid-19 and Control diabetes.
    2. If yes how many Fesh Amla berries can be eaten in a boiled form.
    3. Are there any side-effects of eating boiled Amla with salt as Amla is spoken of in Ayurveda.
    Please clarify.
    Thank you,
    Aradhana Kumar

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