“Shauchavidhi”: The Hygienic Routine

How important is it to follow a hygienic routine?

According to a Lebanese proverb

“Hygiene is two – thirds of health”

Ayurveda suggests to wake up before sunrise and initiate the day by elimination of body wastes and cleaning of body apertures after carefully analyzing one’s own body. Accumulation of waste in the body forms a nidus for attack by micro-organisms and generation of toxins. Thus, their elimination through urine and faeces along with cleansing of 9 major body apertures (eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, genital and anal region), hands and feet; becomes primarily important for prevention and cure of diseases.

Practicing shauchavidhi on a daily basis and making it a part of one’s lifestyle has the following set of benefits:

  • Medhyam  – Enhances intellect
  • Pavitram – Promotes purity
  • Ayushyam – Prolongs lifespan
  • Alakshmi nashanam – Destroys impoverishment
  • Kali nashanam – Eradicates illness

So, irrespective of how busy you are remember to keep hygiene on the top of your priority list.

“Take care of your body, its’s the only place you have to live” (Jim Rohn)

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