What to do Before Food?!

As mentioned in an earlier post, eating was once considered a very pious activity and was accompanied by rules to be followed before, during and after consumption of the meal. It is similar to performing a havan, where offerings are given to the fire; in this context it being the digestive fire.

In order to make this “havan” successful, certain preparations need to be done so that the food which is consumed not only nourishes the body, but the mind and the soul as well. These rules can be concised as follows:

  • Eating after having bath/ washing hands, feet and face
  • Sitting in solitude
  • First, offering the food to Gods, ancestors, elders, guests, children and gurus
  • Eating after feeding all the dependents of the family such as servants and pets
  • Eating after carefully considering one’s own constitution, likes and dislikes

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