When to Eat?!

The hustle and bustle in life as well as work nowadays has left people with nearly no time to eat. A significant amount of the population does not even know when they actually feel hungry; and eat either because its the meal time as per the clock or they have found out some spare time from their busy schedule or they have a false hunger alarm ringing in their head.

But does it ever strike us that this could be harmful? That playing with our digestive fire could lead us into over-nutrition/ under-nutrition/ mal-nutrition?!

The most important point to identify here is the “True Hunger” / “Stomach Hunger” which has symptoms as follows:

  1. Udgaara shuddhi (Clear Belching)
  2. Utsaaha (Feeling of Enthusiasm)
  3. Yathochita vegotsarga (Proper Passage of Faeces and Urine)
  4. Laghuta (Feeling of Lightness in Body and Stomach)
  5. Kshut (Feeling of Hunger)
  6. Pipaasa (Feeling of Thirst)

Eating without the appearance of these symptoms or not eating on the appearance of these symptoms; both are dangerous and special care must be taken in this regard. Further, the night meal must be consumed at-least 2 hours before bedtime.

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