How to Eat?!

Eating is no longer an exclusive activity. It is usually combined with other works like watching television, driving, walking, reading, talking etc due to which neither do we relish the food nor are we able to digest it properly.

However, there was a time when eating was considered a very pious activity and had a set protocol which holds good even today. Irrespective of one being healthy/ unhealthy, each individual must sit properly with a slight forward bend keeping in mind the following rules while eating:

  1. Ushnam ashniyaat (food should be warm)
  2. Snigdham ashniyaat (food should be unctuous)
  3. Matraavat ashniyaat (food should be in proper quantity)
  4. Jeerne ashniyaat (intake after digestion of previous meal)
  5. Virya aviruddham ashniyaat (intake of food having no contradictory potencies)
  6. Ishta deshe ishta sarvopakaranam ashneeyat (intake in proper place and with all accessories)
  7. Na ati drutam ashniyaat (intake, not in hurry)
  8. Na ati vilambitam ashniyaat (intake, not too slow)
  9. Ajalpan na hasan tana mana bhunjeet (intake with full concentration without talking/laughing/being unmindful)
  10. Aatmaanam abhisameekshya bhunjeet samyak (intake after paying due regard to oneself)

Apart from this, one must consume a “Balanced Diet” i.e. a diet consisting of all 6 tastes in chronological order.

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  1. Hello Dr. Surinder very nice your tips on Foods and Nutrition I’ll refer to my patients the link
    Do you have any institute in Delhi where you are doing some post graduate Ayurveda Course for beginners?
    Warmest regards
    Dr Susana Chile

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