Nose – The Door to your Head!

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When we go about analysing ourselves, we usually find that our mind and body are not at peace. The present times have seen a rise in all the negative mental faculties and their resultant impact on the body. Although we might blame today’s fast paced life for this, but the fault actually lies in our ignorance towards a healthy lifestyle.

Out of the many practices that our ancestors followed for keeping their mind calm and avoiding diseases; Nasya held an important place and was practised throughout life. It is said:

“Naasa hi shirso dwaram” [A.H.Su.20/1]

Nose is the door to our head. And head is the CPU of our body. Hence, anything that nourishes the head; nourishes the body as a whole.

Nasya / Nasal Instillations can be practiced using oils (mustard oil/ sesame oil/ anu taila) with the help of a dropper (2 drops in each nostril) or your finger (applying a thin coating of the oil inside your nostrils). Daily use of this not only nourishes the brain but also the indriyas (sensory and motor organs). It clears the nasal passage enabling proper breathing and wards off diseases especially affecting the upper part of the body (eg: hairfall, premature greying of hair, headache, migraine, paralysis, stiffness, rhinitis, sinusitis etc.).

Nasya calms the mind, enhances facial glow, promotes voice quality, prevents hypersensitivity / allergy and delays the signs of ageing.

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