Your MOUTH is your TRIGGER!

Eating, drinking, breathing, speaking; a few vital functions we carry out with the help of our mouth. But do we take enough care in spite of exposing it to so many stimuli and stresses everyday?

Anatomically, mouth forms the first portion of our digestive system that receives food which ultimately nourishes our body and is the source of our sustenance. A healthy mouth can trigger proper digestion, glowing skin, better voice quality, improved taste perception, healthier lips, stronger teeth, fresh breath, delayed signs of ageing, enthusiasm and confidence. Whereas an unhealthy mouth triggers manifestation of diseases and low self esteem.

So, to keep this trigger under control, is only brushing enough?

Or do we need to go a step ahead??

Ironically, instead of taking a step ahead we need to take a look back at our ancestors and their health practices.

  • Mukhadharana (chewing of aromatic drugs like jati phala – Myristica fragrans, katuka phala – Abelmoschus moschatus, puga phala – Areca catechu, lavanga kusuma – Syzygium aromaticum, kankola phala – Piper cubeba, tambula patra – Piper betle, karpura niryaasa – Cinnamomum camphora, sukshma ela – Elettaria cardamomum)
  • Gandusha (retention of liquids in the mouth like warm water, gheetila taila)
  • Kavala (gargling with warm water, gheetila taila)

These are simple yet effective procedures that would keep you triggered towards holistic health.

And guess what; it would take you less than a minute to do each one of these!

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